Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How is our Indicator doing?

It's been a while we posted our indicator. This is the SAME indicator that suggested to go LONG on the 2nd july.

This SAME indicator is NOW clearly flashing SELL signals. As you know, this indicator is an Inverse and hence if it is a BUY, you short and vice versa.

As stated in our earlier post, we are either already in the next leg down or very close to beginning one. Looking at our divergence charts, we are now clearly in one. So, a confirmation is in place.

Divergence chart that we mentioned earlier is doing just great as you can see below. Pretty much self-explanatory.



  1. Hey Jason. I've seen your comments over on Danerik's. It looks as if you and I see things very much alike. It appears we do the same types of analysis and look for the same indications. I'm with you all the way on this.

  2. Thanks man. Let's get this act straight, together. Yes we Can. :-)


  3. Great idea. I have a lot to contribute but a lot of it is ignored when I post it.
    Yes indeed... we can and we will. GL